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Named after the most powerful nuclear device ever created and tested, Tsar Bomba watches deliver customizability like you’ve never seen before. Inspired by the same scientific curiosity that led to this monumental atomic experiment, Tsar Bomba timepieces pulse with the spirit of innovation. Founded with an intrepid spirit and an aim to provide the most versatile, highest quality timepieces with exceptional value, Tsar Bomba has more than brought those ideas to fruition. With its Reactor collection, the brand builds upon the astonishing versatility it introduced with its Atomic collection and shows off its design acumen in the process.

One of the brand’s most original designs is the Tsar Bomba Reactor, a completely interchangeable design with a heraldic shield shape that is as striking as it is comfortable on the wrist. The Reactor’s 44mm case measures 52mm from lug-to-lug, and despite these daunting specs, its curved profile, 13mm height, and 12 o’clock crown allow it to bend along the wrist for a surprisingly easy wear. A custom-made sapphire crystal hovers over the dial and maintains the arc of the watch, which is rated water-resistant to 100m. The case is also made available in black DLC or rose-gold DLC for added expressiveness and character.

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The overall shape is not the only treat with the Tsar Bomba Reactor. No element has been overlooked. The case features a dynamic combination of crisp brushing and bright polishing, and the flanks of the case have been carved out for an exceptionally modern look. That carved-out space isn’t just for looks: The entire watch only weighs 140g, including the 26mm rubber strap. Looking at the dial, you’re instantly greeted with another level of innovation.

Instead of a traditional three-hand display, the Tsar Bomba shakes things up with a combination of display methods. The seconds are displayed on the central disc with a rotating red arrow, and the minutes are tracked on a rotating gray disc and indicated by a static black arrow above the seconds dial. But the truly unique feature is how the hours are tracked. Similar to a wandering hour display, a floating indicator traces an arc at the bottom of the dial. Unlike those traditional wandering hour displays, though, there are no rotating satellites for each hour.

Instead, the watch uses an automatic Miyota 8000 series base movement and four floating indicators rotate to mark the base hour of 0, 3, 6, or 9, all accompanied by a ‘+’ symbol. The floating indicator points to the scale below, which tells you how much time to add. For example, in the photo above, the time is 11:30.  The novel time-telling method takes just a few glances to get used to and easily becomes intuitive. The minutes, floating hour indicator, and hour track are all generously coated in Super-LumiNova for a rich glow that provides excellent low-light legibility. The segmentation of the hours, seconds, and minutes allows the wearer to enjoy time at a more leisurely pace by just glancing at the hour indicator or down to the second if timeliness is a priority.

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Without a doubt, though, the most impressive part of the Tsar Bomba Reactor is the incredible level of customization it offers. You’ve probably noticed the multiple straps affixed to the watch in photos. Using a proprietary push-button quick-release system, it’s a snap to change out any of the five colors of available FKM rubber straps.

But we’re all familiar with quick-change straps; at this point, it’s expected. How does Tsar Bomba move beyond that trick and bring true ingenuity? Interchangeable bezels. For the Reactor series, 9 different bezels are available, offering another layer of expression for the owner. Swapping bezels is as easy as changing straps. Simply press the round buttons on either side of the case, lift the current bezel off, and then press the new one on. The case and bezel attachment system has been engineered for a secure fit you never have to worry about. From carbon fiber to a rainbow of FKM rubber-clad options to three different stainless steel bezels (including black DLC and rose-gold DLC), when combined with the five strap options, the possibilities become nearly endless.

While interchangeable bezels may be rare, they aren’t unheard of. Tsar Bomba wanted to truly push the limits of customizable watches, though. Doing so meant something dramatic and unseen — like the Tsar Bomba device itself. The result of that search for something new was the utterly inventive interchangeable crown system. Once again, Tsar Bomba has made swapping things easy: Press down the crown and turn clockwise a full rotation, then unscrew the crown, press the new crown on, and screw down until secure. The crown stays in place, sets the time, operates securely, and, most importantly, maintains the watch’s 100m water resistance.  Available in seven different colors, the addition of the interchangeable crown makes the Tsar Bomba Reactor one of the most customizable watches on the market.

With groundbreaking innovation and unrivaled interchangeability, the Tsar Bomba Reactor presents an opportunity to have a watch that is already unique and to make it your own. With seven case/dial options, nine bezels, five straps, and seven crowns, a total of 2,205 combinations. While the brand offers preset configurations for purchase, buyers can also assemble their own combos à la carte. The Reactor watch head is priced at $549 USD, bezels range from $39.99 to $159.99, straps are $99.99, and crowns are just $19.99. Although undeniably impressive, Tsar Bomba offers a few models that provide even more customization options in designs inspired by modern horological icons.

The Tsar Bomba Atomic series offers a more traditional case design, with a curved tonneau case that measures 45mm across and 13.55mm thick. The Atomic is offered in both an automatic and a quartz chronograph Calendar. The Atomic Automatic features a skeletonized dials that offers dramatic architecture and reveals the movement beneath, while the transparent dial of the Atomic Calendar features many of the elements printed and recessed chronograph subdials. Both models use pops of red and yellow to bring even more character to the dial and feature bright-glowing luminescent fill on the hour markers and hands.

Customization with the Atomic series is even more robust. The bezels are similarly swapped by pushing in the crown and a button on the 9 o’clock side, the crowns are swapped the same way, and the FKM rubber straps feature a molded end with a latch that locks into the case. Just like the Reactor model, the Atomic models offer safe, easy, secure customization, but the options are greatly expanded. 35 bezels are available, adding onto the FKM-clad, carbon fiber, and stainless steel with more colors and the option for bezels set with cubic zirconia for a dazzling effect and FKM-clad bezels with 60-minute markings. There are 8 crown options and 7 straps. With two different quartz Calendar chronograph head options and 10 Automatic options (including rose gold DLC and several options with cubic zirconia case bands), the possible combinations amount to a staggering 23,520 variants. With a single watch head, the possible combinations total 1,960.

It’s one thing to build a creative design, but something entirely different to truly innovate and offer one of (if not the) most customizable watch ever made. Building on iconic looks with the Atomic collection and expanding into wholly new territories with the Reactor, Tsar Bomba offers something never before seen at prices that are as impressive as the hardware.  Pricing for Tsar Bomba’s watches starts at $599.99 USD for the Reactor, $739.99 USD for the Atomic Automatic, $510.99 USD for the Atomic Calendar chronograph. The Tsar Bomba Atomic combo with 7 crowns, 7 bezels, and 7 straps is priced starting at $1,680.99 USD with the Calendar chronograph base model and starting at $1,880.99 USD with the Automatic base model, while the combo set with both models starts at $2,230.99 USD. For more information, please visit the Tsar Bomba website. 

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