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The world of aviation has changed dramatically over the past century, moving from single-prop biplanes like the famous Sopwith Camel to next-generation jet fighters with stealth capabilities, unthinkable maneuverability, speeds in excess of Mach 2, and capable of reaching over 20,000m. With all the advances in aviation, it only makes sense that aviator watches evolve alongside the planes themselves. The new CASIO G-SHOCK GRAVITYMASTER GRB300 watches are a fitting complement for modern aviation, featuring a Carbon Core Guard, G-SHOCK’s legendary toughness, and a design inspired by next-generation aircraft.

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From the earliest aviators to those flying the skies today, the two most important characteristics of a pilot’s watch haven’t changed: reliability and legibility. And, if you’re looking for reliability, G-SHOCK has built its entire brand on creating nigh-indestructible watches that can relied on in the toughest environments on earth. The new GRAVITYMASTER series takes toughness to a new level with its Carbon Core Guard structure. Using the same carbon construction found in advanced aircraft, the G-SHOCK is able to make the GRAVITYMASTER incredibly lightweight and rigid, protecting the internals of the watch from shock damage. The GRAVITYMASTER sports 200m of water resistance and measures in at 59mm x 54.7mm x 15.7mm, weighing only 71g.

Continuing the tradition of legibility, the GRAVITYMASTER is modeled after an aircraft cockpit, utilizing high-contrast black and white with its oversized hands and indices set within a triple-layer dial. Both the hands and indices are luminous ensuring instant readability day or night. In addition to the primarily monochrome colorway, the GRAVITYMASTER is also available in a red highlighted model that echoes the nighttime illumination of a cockpit instrument panel or a blue highlighted model inspired by the cockpit’s head-up display (HUD).

The GRAVITYMASTER is a next-generation aviation watch and, as such, is as much of a departure from the classic pilot’s design with its 1-11 Arabic numerals as a Spitfire is from an F-35. Inset into the GRAVITYMASTER’s primary dial are inset dials inspired by aircraft instrument panels that provide instant access to critical information. At 9 o’clock is a rotating dial that provides the wearer with information on the solar charge level from the watch’s Tough Solar Power and alarm status (on/off). Meanwhile, a second time zone subdial sits at 9 o’clock. In addition, the GRAVITYMASTER features day/date functionality, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, and an LED light (Super Illuminator) for unparalleled nighttime legibility.

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By connecting to the CASIO Watches app, the second time zone functionality is enhanced by easily allowing the wearer to easily set their home time and a second time zone. In addition, the app features a flight log, providing access to current time and position, and recording flight information on a map within the app.

The CASIO G-SHOCK GRAVITYMASTER GBR300 series of aviation watches pair G-SHOCK’s unrivaled toughness and reliability with next-generation aviation design, creating a modern pilot’s watch for aviators and aviation enthusiasts alike. To learn more about the CASIO G-SHOCK GRAVITYMASTER GBR300 please visit the brand’s website.

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